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Project Overview


What is the Comprehensive Plan?

Socorro’s Comprehensive Plan is the primary guide for growth and development for the City. The 2040 Comprehensive Plan is an update to the current plan that was completed in 2014.  The 2040 General Plan will result from a 12-month process that was initiated in June 2023 and will culminate with a City Council hearing to adopt the plan.

The Comprehensive Plan addresses the following core elements:

Land Use


Parks, Trails, and Open Spaces

Historic and Cultural Preservation


Community and Public Facilities


Multimodal Transportation

The Comprehensive Plan is NOT:

  • A zoning map
  • A tool to promote special interests
  • A detailed policy for specific properties or areas
  • A capital improvement program
  • An unchangeable document

Why Is The Socorro Comprehensive Plan Being Updated? 

The current Comprehensive Plan for the City was completed in 2014. The City has undergone numerous changes and seen new growth since then. Updates to the Plan will consider those changes along with forecasts that pertain to local and regional trends for the economy, the business atmosphere, industry, future land uses, demographics, natural growth, and development. With public and stakeholder participation, the planning process will guide the development of a refined 2040 Comprehensive Plan for the City and the people who call Socorro home.


The Socorro 2040 Comprehensive Plan will employ seven key components of engagement: Community Meetings/Open Houses, Community Questionnaire, IDPlaces, Project Website, Steering Committee Meetings, Focus Group Meetings, City Staff and Elected Officials Engagement. Each will be integral to understanding and incorporating the goals and needs of the community as well as ensuring the success of the Comprehensive Plan for adoption.

Information and Updates

This dedicated, branded project website will be available throughout the process and be a place where any interested party can easily access maps, studies, documents, upcoming meeting dates, and online participation opportunities. The website will provide information about the project under a “Project Resources” tab, including web articles, and informational brochures.

Steering Committee

Steering Committee members have been selected from local businesses, organizations, and service sectors and will serve as representatives of the larger community. Steering Committee members will have the primary role of determining plan priorities and organization and guiding the development of the plan. Committee input will be a key component of plan development, assisting the project team in evaluating strengths and weaknesses in the existing comprehensive plan and providing local expertise to guide visioning, direction, and content for the plan update. Steering Committee meetings will be held throughout the plan development and will not be open to the public.

Community Engagement Events

There will be several opportunities for community engagement throughout the process. Three community meetings/open houses will be held to inform community members on the plan process and obtain input to shape the plan.

Focus Group Meetings

Ten focus group meetings were held to discuss key topical areas relevant to the development of the comprehensive plan. The focus group meetings covered the topics of:

  • Community Service Organizations
  • County and State Agencies
  • Economic Development/Small Business Community
  • Elected Officials
  • Historic Preservation
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure
  • Logistics Center/Warehouse Development
  • Socorro Independent School District
  • Transportation

More information on the meetings is found under the Get Involved! tab.

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