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Final Community Meeting

The City of Socorro hosted the final 2040 Comprehensive Plan meeting to present the Draft Plan to the community. The meeting was held on Monday, June 17 at the City Council Chambers. A presentation on the purpose, overview, and components of the Draft Plan was given, followed by a question and answer session and open discussion. Large format boards of key draft goals and policies from the plan were available to view around the room, as well as a large format print of the draft Future Land Use Map.

The presentation and informational boards from the meeting can be downloaded by clicking the links.

Community Meeting #2

Super Socorro Sunday was a hit! Thank you to everyone who joined in and engaged with the 2040 Comprehensive Plan booth. The event took place on Sunday, March 3, at the Rio Vista Center as a part of the city's monthly Socorro Sunday initiative.

At the Comprehensive Plan booth, visitors had the chance to influence various aspects of their community, including land use, recreation, and mobility. Through a series of visual preferences, participants could cast their votes on the six options that mattered most to them. After voting, community members were able to spin a prize wheel to win some fun swag. Additionally, kids had a special opportunity to complete a youth questionnaire and/or coloring activity to give their thoughts on what is needed as Socorro grows.

The booth also featured a series of bilingual maps and informative boards. This setup allowed for meaningful dialogue regarding the community's needs and aspirations. The boards and maps can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the images below.

Meeting Summary

Community Meeting #1

Thank you to those who participated in the first Community Meeting for the Comprehensive Plan update. The meeting was held Wednesday, October 4 and began with a presentation, followed by an interactive open house that encouraged participants to share their thoughts. They were prompted to reflect on what they value most about Socorro and their visions for the community's future. Attendees also engaged in discussions about the community's strengths, opportunities, challenges, and obstacles. Feedback collected was categorized into various elements, including land use, facilities, infrastructure, cultural preservation, housing, transportation, sustainability, and open spaces. Statements about the community were posted for agreement or disagreement by participants. Additionally, a community questionnaire was distributed and made available online accessibility. This event promoted robust community engagement, with everyone encouraged to ask questions and provide insights to inform the development of the Socorro 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

For those who were unable to attend the meeting, the meeting summary is available for review.

Meeting Summary

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Your input will help the project team understand community concerns so that they may be addressed in the Socorro 2040 Comprehensive Plan. You can provide information by attending open houses and meetings, completing a community questionnaire, and interacting with our IDPlaces mapping tool.

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Community Questionnaire

A questionnaire for residents and business owners was developed to get input on desires for inclusion in the Comprehensive Plan. The questionnaire will be distributed to attendees at the first community meeting and posted on this website for easy accessibility.


The interactive IDPlaces mapping tool provides community members the ability to identify issues and opportunities on a dynamic, web-based map and provides the users with a forum to voice their issues related to specific geographic locations. The app allows participants to mark the geographic area where the issue or opportunity exists, add comments, or upload images and documents to create a more interactive experience. Comments posted are available for other users to see, creating a collaborative platform.

Meetings and Open Houses

Three community engagement events will be held in the form of meetings or open houses.

First Community Meeting:
October 2023


Wednesday, October 4, 2023, 6:00-8:00 p.m.


Socorro City Council Chambers,
860 N. Rio Vista Rd., Socorro, TX 79927


The Comprehensive Plan presentation and a series of activities will be staged around the room to engage community members and get input on community goals and priorities. Attendees will have the opportunity to complete a community questionnaire that will be reviewed and analyzed by the project team to further inform the development of the Comprehensive Plan. The questionnaire is also available on the project website.


Second Engagement Event:
March 2024


Sunday, March 3, 2024, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.


Rio Vista Center 901 N. Rio Vista Rd.,
Socorro, TX 79927


At Socorro Sunday, participants had the chance to participate in a series of visual preference activities where they shared feedback on the aspects of their community that were most important. Bilingual maps and boards were also available to provide project context and open dialogue about the Comprehensive Plan. Kids also had the special opportunity to weigh in through coloring sheets and a youth questionnaire; participants got the chance to spin a prize wheel and win some cool swag!

Third Engagement Event:
Spring 2024

During this final public meeting, the project team will present the revised vision, the fundamental elements of the draft Socorro Comprehensive Plan, as well as the goals and objectives refined from the second public meeting. Additionally, attendees will be informed on how to access and provide comments on the draft plan using the project website.

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