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Thank You for Attending The First Socorro 2040 Community Meeting!

Thank you to those who participated in the first Community Meeting for the Comprehensive Plan update. The meeting was held Wednesday, October 4 and began with a presentation, followed by an interactive open house that encouraged participants to share their thoughts. They were prompted to reflect on what they value most about Socorro and their visions for the community's future. Attendees also engaged in discussions about the community's strengths, opportunities, challenges, and obstacles. Feedback collected was categorized into various elements, including land use, facilities, infrastructure, cultural preservation, housing, transportation, sustainability, and open spaces. Statements about the community were posted for agreement or disagreement by participants. Additionally, a community questionnaire was distributed and made available online accessibility. This event promoted robust community engagement, with everyone encouraged to ask questions and provide insights to inform the development of the Socorro 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

For those who were unable to attend the meeting, the meeting summary is available for review.

Meeting Summary

Socorro’s Comprehensive Plan is the primary guide for growth and development of the City. The 2040 Comprehensive Plan is an update to the current plan that was completed in 2014. The 2040 Comprehensive Plan will result from a 12-month process initiated in June 2023 and culminate with a City Council hearing to adopt the plan.

Your interest and participation in this important endeavor are critical to its success.

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